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Lab 4 links and tips

Post by Alex Cohen on Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:39 pm

If you set up everything like I told you for the last lab in AWS then this lab should be easy (the next one is even easier).  Make a new load balancer the same way you did last lab and add it to your autoscaling group the same way you did for the last one.

To connect your two load balancers your going to need two things a domain name and some route 53 stuff.  Route 53 is the DNS service for AWS, you can find it under the networking section of the aws console home.  Heres a good guide on how to do that:

First get a domain name, you can get a free one with a .tk extention by setting one up on

Then go into route 53 in you aws account, create a hosted zone with the name of the domain that you registered, after you do that you will see a bunch of stuff called record sets.  Find the record set that is of the type NS, it will have 4 values in it that look like domain names.  Take those four values and put them into the nameservers page for your domain on

The name servers page is found on freenom by going to domains > my domains > manage domain > management tools > nameservers

Put in the four values and you can now connect your load balancers to your domain name. So now go back to route 53 and make a new record set, for the name enter "www" or "www.whatever". Click yes for alias and in the alias target if you click inside it a list will come up under ELB load balancers you will see your load balancers click one of the load balancers and it will attach itself to your domain.  For example I attached one of mine to

However I have not figured out how to attach both load balancers to a single domain with route 53 (for example my other elb is at, but I don't think prof border will care.

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