Lab 1 links and tips

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Lab 1 links and tips

Post by Alex Cohen on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:27 pm

Going forward I am probably going to post some links I find that explain how to set up the stuff we need to do in each of the labs.

For your linux distro I would recommend a version of Ubuntu, I find that there is way more info out there for Ubuntu than there is for CentOS. Personally I recommend Lubuntu, which is Ubuntu that is designed to run super fast on any computer no matter how slow or old it is.  Here's a link for the iso:

I've also heard good things about Xubuntu, but haven't used it myself:

If you are using some version of Ubuntu I found a quick easy step by step guide to install wordpress and get it running:

For part 3 apache-bench is useful for measuring your ping/ms:

For RAM, CPU and Disk IO I found that stress was a pretty good tool:

For monitoring CPU and RAM tests the default Task manager and System Monitor were pretty good.

For monitoring Disk IO I found a tool called iotop that works:

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